When you say something about San Jose, you definitely think about it as a heart of Californiawith lots of people! And what moving companies come to your mind? Exactly - DFW San Jose Moving Company, the one and only your true reliable moving partner!

  • Your need is our wish
  • Moving is quick and easy
  • We are affordable
  • The best service and customer support

Why do our clients chose us?

If we will need to outline all the reasons, we will probably have a very long list, as it is important to us to satisfy each client, following his or her needs. For this reason, clients see certain benefits in us - some people like that we are super flexible in scheduling, others can’t deny our friendly and professional approach and safe movers. Coming to us, client can be sure to get exactly what he or she wants. Here are some features, about all clients agree 100%.

Correct Prices

When it comes to pricing, we know our business very well, that’s why prices are always the most affordable on the market! Our team doesn’t deal neither with cheap services, nor with super expensive once. Trying to find the right balance between client needs - market demand - business expenses, we always manage to do the job well! Already for long years.


Our unique fleet is the thing which makes each person from our team extremely proud. There is a truck suitable for any possible move - it might be a small one for a local moving or a big truck with secure trailer for a long-distance relocation. It should be added that we use the most up-to-date vehicles to ensure secure transportation. Our skilled safe movers know how to place all your items safe in the truck and to bring them at any distance.


Experience is something which goes far beyond the name of the company with the best movers in San Jose. We have been working in different states and we are constantly opening new loca-tions to make clients happy with their move. Our great team counts numerous number of expe-rienced professionals, being super skilled in particular field: well-trained moving coordinators know how to prepare effective relocation plan, while strong movers are always taking different courses to be able to help clients with almost every possible thing.



Being a rather old company in the moving business, we know how it is important to have all do-cumentations, certificates and insurance. Of course we have all necessary papers, that just goes without saying.

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DFW Movers: Safe Work and Team Of Professionals

After working many years on the moving market, we have created our strong business philosophy: each team member has to become expert in own field. If you are a mover, you need to go to gym, to pass different courses, to work non-stop to improve your skills. If you are a driver, you need to learn the safe routs, navigate the road situation, keep an eye on your truck conditions. We are always checking out new directions aiming to improve our services. If you have any proposals, please contact us, we are always happy to listen to any issues. Let’s get better together!

We listen to each our customer, as such things make us growing even faster.

We’d admit that professionalism is the second important thing after customer service for the company, so that’s why we truly care each person in our team keep to that corporate philosophy and grow as unique professional.

Additional Services

Apart from basic services as labor services, residential moving and long-distance relocation, we offer a vide spectrum of all other possible services, like:

  • Packing
  • Car rental
  • Senior moving
  • Express relocation
  • Commercial and business moving

It is highly important to suit the need of every single client, that’s why all requests are 100% satisfied! Our experienced coordinators know how to find the way even in the most complicated situations. Actually, what is a problem for you is decision for our team, as we love challenges! There is no more complicated tasks, as we have really big experience for today.

Moving company with the best movers from San Jose

We are situated in San Jose, the address is 401 Almaden Blvd, San Jose, CA 95113, US. If you want, you can visit us during our working hours. In other case you can make a call or write us any time, as our client service is walking 24 hours.

Need a service or work in the field of moving or movers?

In case you need professional help, you know what to do! Just give us some notice about your needs. Knowing from our rich experience, it is highly recommended to check out these moments so you can have the best quote:

  • When are you going to move?
  • Where are you going to move?
  • How many belongings do you approximately have?
  • Are there any complex appliances that need extra-work?

These easy questions will help you to give fast information to your manager so one can easily give the best quote possible. Don’t forget to ask about discounts or any special proposals available in your region.


Our mission

Being a small company working to help people move from one place to another, giving them necessary packing materials, and ensuring all goes smooth, now not much of this concept has changed. Apart from the fact, that DFW Moving Company is constantly growing and opening new serving regions. Basically, we have 3 features, which are the strong basis of our mission and philosophy:

  1. Client Satisfaction
  2. Quality Service
  3. Strong Communication

These 3 principles form our idea of moving business today. Of course, there is a tough competition on the market, but nonetheless the best remains the best.

 About us: FAQ

  1. How can I order your services? The easiest way is to give us a call +1 (469) 901-4871.
  2. Can you help with all relocations? Exactly. We are working in this sphere many years and have rather wide experience.
  3. Where can I check services and reviews about DFW movers? Just visit our official web-page .
  4. I want to leave my review, where can I do that? Simply send it to our email and we will be happy to publish it.
  5. When can I make my order if it is already late? Anytime, we are working 24h.

For more FAQs, pls visit our special page FAQ. If you haven’t found your question, just let us know and we will answer as soon as possible!

Why chose us?

We can’t say why one should choose us, but we can say why you should chose the best service, the best movers, the best packing materials. That’s it. Things should be simple as they are, in all other cases you can always make us a fast call +1 (469) 901-4871.

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