If one day someone asks how many relocations we have succeed to make, probably the answer will not appear so fast… 100, 1,000 or 10,000 ? Now we are operating in San Jose and its nearby California region, while there are other our offices in Dallas, Miami, and other cities. So calculation might be rather complicated! Nonetheless, what we definitely ready to do is to share rich experience - you can call us, write us, or simply visit our office here 401 Almaden Blvd, San Jose, CA 95113.

And now go uncovering up for yourself some usefulmoving tips if you have some relocation in mind or in plans!

These FAQs will definitely help you in different ways, like

  • Showingimportant details,
  • Giving useful information,
  • Warning about some peculiar moments.

No more hesitation, check out carefully chosen information and create moving plan! In any case, you always have us beside you! Contact moving coordinator if you feel need to discuss any personal issue +1 (469) 901-4871.

We have organized our FAQ section in the answer-question way, so you can scroll down, find the question you need, and go checking the answer and recommendations.

If you already sure about moving date, you can easily proceed with scheduling it. Usually we suggest scheduling the date 1-2 weeks before, but we are rather flexible in every-thing, so no worries if you haven’t decided yet. To proceed with order you should make these easy steps: 1. Contact our specialist. 2. Get your moving plan done and calculated. 3. Have date of move scheduled.
The answer is – ABSOLUTELY YES! When it comes to pricing, we know our business very well, that’s why DWF prices are always the most affordable on the market! Our team doesn’t deal neither with cheap services, nor with super expensive once. Trying to find the right balance between client needs - market demand - business expenses, we always manage to do the job well! Already for many years.
Sure, we are totally equipped to transport absolutely anything you need: either it is unique, or rare, or easy-breakable. Absolutely anything. Speaking about antique transportation, we have special service for that. Every single detail mat-ters: item type, dimensions, etc. Usually personal assistant choses the best option to ensure secure transportation. For example, in case of unique art pieces, a special crate is done to fit the item perfectly. If client needs, we can provide extra insurance or storage services in San Jose and nearby, too.
Following the growing needs of clients, we have started offering storage services in San Jose and Northern California region. So now, one can be calm to leave any belongings at our ware-house and pick up whenever needed. The rates should be discussed directly with service manag-er.
DFW knows how to deal with valuables, so you should not think about it! Still if you want to ensure all packing by yourself, follow these five important rules: 1.Think about purchasing extra insurance 2.Make extra protection with bubble wrap 3. Prepare a proper or additional packing 4. Move small valuables with your hand luggage 5. Test if packing is secure enough These five steps should help preparing valuable things for transportation. If you are not sure about packing, feel free to turn to moving coordinator and to discuss your personal case.
If you have any pets, it is better thinking about them in advance avoiding stressing them. Ask friends or relatives to look after the pet for moving time. One can also choose pet hotels. Try fol-lowing the usual pet routine as much as it is possible. After moving to a new place, give some time to the pet to get used to it. Take some old toys, sleeping place, and other things to make your fluffy friend to get adapted faster.
You can be absolutely calm about packing, if you order our services. There are many different packing materials, whichare used in each particular case. We also have special moving boxes of different sizes to suit any type of item. Usually it’s recommended to pack some personal belongings DIY - save time and money. Be-sides that, sometimes clients have their things, which they want to carry by themselves, like je-welry, photos, clothes, etc.
Considering our experience, it takes about 3-4 hours to relocate studio or one-bedroom apart-ment. Of course, it depends on such factors as: • Size • Number of moving boxes needed • Packing status • Number of complex and bulky objects Depending on each case, this process can be fasten up with the number of movers, for example, everything can be finished within 1-2 hours with the help of 3-4 professionals, if there is such an urgent need.
If you are still not sure which moving company to choose, here are main features to pay atten-tion: • Good name and reputation • Registered DOT number • Safe driving history • Flexibility and friendly attitude • All pack of documentation
We have our offices working in San Jose, Dallas, Miami and we are constantly working to cover more regions meeting the requests of our clients. We love our job, we love every single client. What else should we care about?

If you haven’t found the question you need, just give us a call +1 (469) 901-4871! We are working 24 a day for you and your unique move! Thanks for choosing us and our services! Your DFW San Jose Moving Company.