Movers San Jose: How to organize your move

Preparing for moving can be a realCATASTROPHE for one people and a smooth coordinated process for others. We have faced many cases during our long working practice and today we want to give useful tips no matter if you are related to first type of people or to second one.

So! Let’s get it started! With DFW San Jose Moving Company each relocation is super easy!

We know, how it is difficult to get ready for any relocation, and no matter if it is some fast move within one district or complicated long-distance moving. Our great team, actually with the best movers in San Jose (CA), is ready to help with any type of moving anytime, and here it’s time to share some useful tips. We hope they will make you inspired and make you get down straight to action!

Moving Is Coming, So Make Up Your Mind!

First of all, decide whether you really need to make such dramatic step.Considering human psychology, we tend to postpone the decision to change our old home with a new one for many reasons: like we are used to our old neighbors, fine with the rent, in love with the district, etc. For that reason, absolutely subconsciously, people are not ready to make the first steps in their moving.

Now answer these questions:

  • Do you really want to move?
  • Will you make everything possible to have your relocation smooth?
  • Are you ready to make it, seriously?

If you have scored three YES, ABSOLUTELY, then no more excuses, please! You have to do it now or never!

If you have made up your mind 100% – from now on be determine! Promise yourself it is the last month in this apartment / house / district / state / country and goon forward!

Here down below are some moving basics, which will help you to cope with process fast and no stress.

Step-By-Step Plan, How To Make It Work?

Now, when the decision is made, collect all your family members, and discuss all together, how are you going to act. If you are single, it is pretty easy – you can make everything by yourself, but if there are many people to relocate (especially with small children, elder members, or pets), that’s going to be not that easy… You need to make a perfect coordination between all members, considering the needs of everyone.

Well, let’s see, what one should start with these five easy-to-do steps.

5 Easy Steps

Step #1. Summarize how much time you have. Put deadlines. Remember making real deadlines, for example, considering rent contract. Choose maximum comfortable time for all family members, so you can be relaxed yet ready to follow the relocation plans as established.

Step #2. Make a calculation of all your belongings, complex appliances, abnormal objects, antiques, etc. It is better to make a detailed list with everything, making groups. This method will help to remember everything – literary EVERY SINGLE THING!

Step #3. Find all types of packing including moving boxes, scotch, bubble wrap, foam wrap, etc. Each item need special packing! To ensure yourself in correct packing, visit our page with useful packing tips to get the idea of perfect secure packing for any type of belongings!

Step #4. Check how many electronics and valuable items do you have at your old place, as such complex objects usually need to be treated in a very specific way. Try finding all manuals in order to unplug them correctly. Use only safe ways to unplug / disassemble / transport them!

Step #5. Complex appliances is a big talk. Sometimes people prefer to leave their appliances to new renters or house owner, as that’s too big deal. Really. In California at our DFW San Jose Moving Company we have specially trained movers, working with any appliance: they know every single detail, how to disassemble it on the old place and assemble it again at the new one!

So, these nothing-really-special steps are listed here so one can prepare really efficient plan. In case you have no time or restricted in time – just call us +1 (469) 901-4871! We will do all the process much more faster! For those, who are in a super hurry, we are happy to provide day-in-day relocation meaning you can already spend your very first night at new place!

Real checklist, or how to pick up everything!

After the goal is absolutely set and you can get the idea of your actions, now think about the detailed plan, which will make the process coordinated. And – it will certainly bring a piece of mind for you. Each time you fill nervous, just check your list and here you go! Allis planned,no even small detail is missing. So relax and no more worries!

Moving Checklist sample

Use this sample below as a template. Check out the questions, giving your answers and estimations.

  • Set the dates to turn the utilities on / off at old / new place (water, gas, internet, etc.)
  • Change address (post office, phone, bank, streaming services, etc.)
  • Create full home inventory list
  • Take days off at work
  • Pack items
  • Throw or donate things you do not need anymore
  • Eat all food in the fridge
  • Schedule services (cleaning, painting, appliance delivery, etc.)

Print out this checklist and make personal one, sticking it on the visible place.

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Of course,if this information is a bit overwhelming or you are simply tobusytodeep into super details, there is the best option to hire DFW San Jose Moving Company, who will take all the difficult work and headache from you!Just use our simple form to get the moving date scheduled.

You can be sure our moving coordinator will help you with all preparations! Turn to us and be happy!

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