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Moving to San Jose: How to pack valuable items

The main aim of any moving is to ensure that all your belongings will be brought to new home SAFE ANDSECURE.That’s why there are only a few companies working with valuable moving to San Jose. And how one can easily guess, your reliable partner is among them.

Moving to San Jose: what to pay attention

Speaking about typical relocation, the process usually goes like this:

  • Creation of moving plan
  • Estimation of all belongings including the number of valuables
  • Calculation of required movers
  • Basic preparations (search for packing, labeling, etc.)
  • Think about purchasing extra insurance
  • Hiring DFW San Jose Moving Company

One of the most difficult issues is to transport easy breakable and valuable items – that’s why you should record, how many such objects you have to deal with and find the best transportation option.

The most spread valuables are these:

  • Vases
  • Fragile china and dishes
  • Art pieces
  • Pictures
  • All electronics
  • Antiques furniture
  • Jewelry
  • Wine collection
  • Musical instruments

Basically, eachpiece needs a special attention, extra protection, and initial cushioning. It is also recommended to use custom boxes for all items.

Here we’d like to mention some useful tips, if you have plenty of valuable things to move from one place to another.

No rush

Generally speaking, during relocation it is better not to hurry, better take your time and carry out everything carefully. If we consider valuable items, it is twice as important! Make everything carefully, paying attention to really secure packing.

Choose Packing Carefully

Usually when it comes to valuable items, they tend to be easy breakable and very fragile. For this reason, one should get ready with a large number of different specific materials, such as:

  • Bubble wrap, newspapers or packing paper
  • Packing tape, scotch tape
  • Moving boxes

A small remark regarding moving boxes: the object should fit perfectly into the box. Be sure to fill in all vacuum with bubble wrap or newspapers to ensure the fixed position of the object.

Bring Your Small Valuables With You

Check out all your jewelry, photo albums, favorite toys, important documents or contracts and generally important items and pack them in a small luggage by yourself and move it with you. Of course, when you hire while moving with best San Jose movers, still there is a risk that something can occur. For this reason make everything by yourself and be calm, for your piece of mind is the most important thing.

Smart Packing Tips

  • Plants

Plants are mostly bulky objects, but still they need a careful treat in order not to get too much stress for the plant and in order not to break it. There are special wooden boxes, which are perfect for such kind of objects.

  • China and easy breakable dishes

Take each piece separately, wrap it with bubble wrap, securing it with scotch tape, and keep it vertically in the box.Write on the box a notice that the box is fragile, so pay extra attention while moving it.

  • Musical instruments

Musical instruments need very special care, so be sure to pack them accordingly without damaging any element. Also, check that they are properly secure in their cases.

  • Electronics

These devices are very expensive yet fragile, and the main problem is not easy to find appropriate box if original one is lost. All small gadgets like laptops, digital cameras, and others should be transferred on your own. Large TVs and computers is better to leave for your moving company, because this process is a bit complicated and specially trained people are needed to do the job right.

  • Antique furniture

The ideal solution is to use different types of moving blankets, covering each precious piece.

Why choosing DFW San Jose Moving Company for moving valuables?

Having a huge experience in all types of moving, we are ready to deal with any type of items: check out our skilled movers at work. The main thing is that we have relocated over 100,000 valuables successfully! So you can easily turn to us by simply calling +1 (469) 901-4871 and explaining your personal case.

MovingAnd Storage Services in San Jose

Apart from being professional experienced company in relocation, we can offer wide range of services, such as:

  • Local and long distance move
  • Business and corporate relocation
  • Senior and door-to-door service
  • Packing, lifting, assembling, storage

Each client’s task is very important for us, so if you need a qualified consultation, do not hesitate contacting us right away!

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