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San Jose professional movers: Moving without problems

In this article we have collected some popular problems which people tend to face during their move campaigns. Our motto is moving without problems, stress free and as smooth as possible! Basically, you can even take a vacation for the moving dates – San Jose professional movers will do everything for you! Disassemble kitchen, relocate heavy sofa, or pack antique china – DFW San Jose Moving Company is here to help you in all you need! And even more! You can call us anytime +1 (469) 901-4871, we are working 24/7 for you.

Top Popular Moving Challenges For San Jose Professional Movers

The idea to make such list came to us when one day we summarised our common experience. We were sitting in our meeting room with almost all our team (except for movers John and Mick, who were working to help old lady with her move from San Francisco to San Jose to live with her elder daughter); and suddenly we started to share our experience in different moving cases, as we all have pretty rich experience and many stories to remember. 

It was rather interesting, that during that discussion we have revealed many problems, which are successfully solved by our team today. We are constantly working on the improvement of our service, that’s why each detail is payed great attention to.

Here we’d like to point out some of the cases, which our team used to experience before in other moving companies. Also one can find short DFW case solution – that is how brilliantly we managed to overcome all problems!

Weak Communication

Though we are all grown-ups, some people still tend to behave like children, being absolutely absent minded when it comes to moving and coordinating things. But they are not to be blamed, as it is not easy to keep in head all details like where to find moving boxes, what date to choose for relocation, or how to calculate all belongings correctly. For this reason communication is very important, and our company takes care of it all.

DFW solution: personal manager who will take care of you and your move from very beginning to the end. Also the service is available 24/7, so client can easily check online any necessary moment.

High Service Prices

Sometimes moving companies put really too high prices for their services literary ripping people off. That’s not fair, as we all face need to move in our lives. Almost every second person has such experience. Unfortunately, it is well known that high price can’t guarantee high service level. So basically in such cases it is just an example of wrong pricing approach.

DFW solution: we are working carefully on pricing making device costs both affordable and adequate. The ability to meet the clients expectations in quality and prices makes us one of the leading moving companies not only in San Jose and its nearby regions, but in all Northern California.

Difficulties In Scheduling The Date

This one is among the most spread problems people usually face when turning to moving companies. It is simply impossible to get your date scheduled, and once been scheduled, then one faces problems re-scheduling it. Usually such problems arises either because of wrong planning or small fleet.

DFW solution: we use split approach for this issue. On the one hand, we have a large truck fleet, on the other hand, we make a smart scheduling which gives us opportunity to make corrections being very flexible. Besides, we are using the latest digital technologies and software.

Lack of movers

It might happen, that during relocation there is not enough movers, which is usually a problem of the coordinator who wasn’t skilled enough in calculations and estimations. Or on the contrary, there are too many movers who are not coordinated between each other. 

DFW solution: our skilled manager chooses together with client the optimal number of movers depending on the task. The movers crew is formed up to suit client’s needs, making the process efficient.

Process Coordination

Coordination as well as logistics is very important part of moving: movers have to arrive at scheduled time, there should be enough packing materials and boxes, generally speaking all actions should be perfectly coordinated between everybody. Usually people have problems like not being able to contact with moving coordinator or there is not enough packing on the moving day.

DFW solution: in order to make our clients satisfied with our service, we provide special moving coordinator and estimate precisely all necessary actions to be performed. With us you can be sure  that everything will be carried out precisely as planned!

DFW San Jose Moving Company With Professional Movers – Your True Partner In Moving Without Problems 

As one can see, we are very serious in everything we do. Packing, wrapping, transporting – all is done in a professional way to ensure complete safety. Seeing happy family saying THANK YOU at a new place is the best reward!Clients love us and we love our clients.

Main benefits 

Here are some of numerous benefits of our friendly skilled San Jose professional movers:

  • Devotion to client
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Creative approach
  • Reliable team
  • Professionalism and skills

In addition to that, we are fallowing the latest technologies in everything: in packing, transportation, training, etc. Check out our gallery to see some of our cases.

Mission And Philosophy

We know our clients, we understand that life is different and that’s why we choose to be flexible in everything!

  • Comfortable dates
  • Wide chose of services
  • Possibility to make day-in-day corrections
  • Personal coordinator
  • 24 hour support

And much MUCH more! Contact our specialists to know more information, to calculate your move or to have a talk about your future relocation – fell free to ask anything you want! Client is  always the key person to us!

Now you know how to reduce stress level – call us or contact in any convenient way! DFW San Jose Moving Companyis ready to meet any challenge.

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