Each moving is different, and it is absolutely normal situation when you want to have only the services which you need for your personal case.

Some people prefer to order door-to-door service, having completely everything done by professional movers: wrapping belongings, then moving them and placing securely in the truck and then unpacking them at the new apartment.

However, in certain cases, people don’t need the truck service, they just need extra assistance and professional help to ensure security. Maybe you don’t know how to deal with your brand new kitchen, which needs disassembling. Or you want to transfer all your electronic devices securely - in such cases, DFW San Jose Moving Company is ready to help you, providing high level labour only services and fast moving estimate!

It is literary all you need in one easy click!

What Is Labour Only Services?

Labour only services - is a special type of movers, like piano movers, for example, who are experienced in all types of relocations and are ready to help you with different difficult tasks, which usually don’t require any vehicles, making the process faster.

Types Of Labour Only Serves

If you will be dealing for such type of service the first time, you might be interested in the scope of help the professionals can provide. It is really wide, and one can ask for extra-options, if you can’t find them here listed below:

  • Assembling / Disassembling
  • Loading / Unloading
  • Operating With Rented Truck / Container
  • Lifting up / Down
  • Packing / Unpacking / Providing Packing Materials
  • Wrapping
  • Any Type Of Object Relocation
  • Bulky Moving
  • Rearranging Furniture Within Office, Studio, Or Apartment Complex
  • Providing Work In Garage, Yard, Or Basement
  • BONUS: Skilled Piano Movers

Our professional movers can do all the job for you, while you can get focused on other tasks! Get you free moving estimate right now, receive your extra muscles scheduled whenever you need! The service is available 24/7, so contact us anytime you want!

When Ordering Such Services?

Labor only helpers are needed in different situations and lately we are getting more requests for extra packers and movers without any need in truck or van.

When you need to move some bulky furniture, or to lift up the musical instruments like piano movers are right here for you!

Check out further how to schedule extra muscles for you!

DFW San Jose Moving Company: Labor Only Services

You can find the best services in our company regarding moving and any type of relocation. Of course, we are always ready to provide moving estimate for the labor only services. Use our fast order form, or just drop a message, and get your quote right away!

Why Our Labour Only Movers Are Better Than Others?

Being professional in relocation field and having rich experience, we know exactly what to give for our clients. Apart from friendly approach and professional work, our team is proud to:

  • Have all required licenses for service
  • Have insurance
  • Track all statistics data
  • Be located in the heart of the Northern California
  • Provide different reviews

These 5 features are listed here to ensure safe and secure moving process. What is more, we are very flexible in timing, and if one needs urgently extra-help or think about relocating already tomorrow, our team is ready to meet your needs and make them work!

How to book services?

The booking process is very easy, and here we will make some notes, what will help yo make your booking effective and to get your best moving estimate.

What to know before booking?

  1. What type of moving your need?
  2. How much time can approximately it take?
  3. Is it urgent?
  4. What is the scope of work in your opinion?
  5. Doest it need extra-tools?
  6. Does it require extra packing materials?
  7. Give some details you believe to be important

These are some basic questions, which will help you to make up your mind while preparing to get the order.

How To Get Moving Estimate?

When you have already made a short summary regarding the work you need, you can pass to next step, which is getting your price quote using our numerous free options.

  1. Use our contact telephone number

This is our 24/7 line +1 (469) 901-4871. We are always ready to answer all your questions!

  1. Use our chat messenger online

The easier way is to DM here in the dialog window below. There is always a couple of or specialists working on the other side of the screen - just write a short message and get your quote!

  1. Fill in the simple order form

If you want, you can use an order form, just indicating what you need and how we can help you. All information is securely stored.

  1. Book a call at exact time

We also can provide the service of calling to the indicated mobile phone at the time client needs. Just let us know basic information and be sure to receive the call back at the time you’ve indicated.

  1. Visit our office

Our team is always happy to see you at our cozy office, located at 401 Almaden Blvd, San Jose, CA 95113, US.

  1. Send message to our email

If you prefer to use "old school" emails, welcome! You can write us to this email and to get your response within 24 hors!

There are plenty of ways to reach us! So just pick up the one you like and go! Be sure, DFW San Jose Moving Company knows how to provide you with the best quality services and affordable prices!

FAQ Section: All You Need To Know And More

Find the most popular questions here with our detailed answers and explanations! So scroll down to know more!

  • How do labor helpers work?

Labor helpers or assistants are basically DFW movers and packers, who are experienced in your particular task. For example, we have skilled piano movers, who are working only with such type of objects. Or business movers, knowing how to make efficient commercial relocation. So once you call us, we will choose the best assistants to help for your certain case.They can move, lift, assemble and disassemble, pack, in other words, al do type of professional moving work.

  • How can I understand, how many movers will be needed?

In fact, in depends on may factors, like:

  • What type of move?
  • What are the deadlines?
  • How many items are there to relocate?

Considering all these factors, personal coordinator will estimate the correct number of helpers.

  • What regions do you serve?

We are working for all Northern California with HQ located in San Jose. As we are dealing with long distance move, we might be also operating in your regions, so please always contact us to have detailed information.

  • Is it expensive?

Our pricing policy is rather friendly, as we are offering the most affordable prices on the market. Our high quality services helps to make clients happy, so they advice our services to their friends and relatives. So with this philosophy we prefer to care more about quality of our service and the client, rather than setting crazy killing price.

  • If I or my friends want to join your team, what should we do?

Just visit our page, check out the basic requirements and move forward send us your CV.

  • I have experienced your services, and I want to leave my feedback. Where can I do it?

There is a button on the top of the screen, which you can push and be automatically forwarded to review platform. Or you can send your feedback to us by email.

  • Do you have accounts in social networks, so I can know further about your company?

Sure. We are modern company and we understand, how it is important to be open to audience today. Check out our gallery with some videos, there you can also find our social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and other.

Your Reliable Partner In Any Move!

We are sure, now all the Labor Only thing is crystal clear for you! So don’t hesitate contacting us, scheduling your next move, asking questions, and moving the things forward!

DFW San Jose Moving Company is always ready to support you in anything you might need!