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Long Distance Movers: some basics

Before starting overviewing the huge topic of long distance move and its difference from a local one, let’s turn to some basics. For example, check the qualities listed below, which are even more important considering one of the most difficult types of relocations - a long distance move.

Why choosing long distance moversso difficult?

Today about 70% of Americans face different types of moving, whereas only fifth part of them is not within one district or city. Everyone knows, that any unordinary action in our stable life is difficult, you have to make a lot of preparations, make reservations, get ready with budget and  calculate all possible extra-expenses, not saying about all the small things which one simply can’t foresee. Just imagine, when it comes to long distance move, the things got even worse! Here are some of the aspects to get ready to face if you are keeping such relocation in future plans.

  • Working on moving plan and following it
  • Tough preparations and estimations
  • Scheduling moving date in advance
  • Risk calculation
  • Prepare all document formalities

Of course, one should not think this is a full list, but it contains the most spread problems our clients usually face before turning to us. If you want to check FAQ section, visit special page with this information.

Why working with us?

Let’s straightly point our the best features, why you should choose working with us among numerous other long distance moving companies. No matter, if you need packing services or complex relocation, just call us +1 (469) 901-4871 and get your quote and professional consultation right away! If you are too busy to call, you can easily text us and receive the answer the same time! We are working to provide the best possible custom experience!

TOP 10 Features

Based or our experience and our clients’ feedback, there is a short features rating about our team. Being a client orientated company, we are always trying proving the best services possible. So here is our TOP 10!

#1. Reliability

#2. Flexibility

#3. Professionalism

#4. Rich Experience

#5. Fully Equipped Truck Fleet

#6. Smart Approach

#7. Appropriate Prices

#8. Fast quote

#9. 24 h. Availability

#10. Friendly Client Support Service

We are constantly working on our team, improving expertise, if you have already experienced our services or have any useful suggestions, please don’t hesitate to write us - check out our Contact Us section here! Any client’s feedback is very important for us!

What to do before turning to long distance moving companies

If you want to be aware of your future moving, which goes far beyond just a simple relocation within one district, answer following questions and prepare yourself accordingly. Also some useful short notes are there, which are meant to give more exact information regarding the statement.

Few Questions To Start

  1. How much time do you have to plan the move?

It’s important, as if you have still like 3-4 month of paid rent, obviously, you can start preparing and do everything thoroughly. Hire moving company, chose the best long distance movers in bay area, negotiate over the price, order packing materials, in other words, make all preparations beforehand. The first step in such case would be connecting your moving coordinator, so you can prepare the relocation step-by-step plan.

The other situation is when you are out of time. Completely. Yes, that’s a tough situation, but still no stress - because you have great team right by your side! We can organise next-day move, including all necessary packing, wrapping, and transporting for you. Fast and secure, as always.

Here we showed just two examples of what might happen. The main idea is that you should clearly estimate how much time you have and then get started with the next actions.

  1. Do you have any strict deadlines or rent obligations?

Information, like 3-month rent or obligations to start living in new place from next September might also put a visible time point, which you can consider. Think about your move and decide, what will be the best period to start living at new place? Maybe it is the beginning of school year for your children? Or your new job contact? Anyway, this is completely personal case, just set it down beforehand and then plan all your further activities, considering the X date.

  1. How many people are moving with you?

The fact, if you are single or you have a big family with two cats and a hamster, really matters. First f all, one need to consider the interests of all family member, and second, if you have pets - you should organise some temporary home for them during move, especially if you are planning to move far away. Usually, it is much easier to move if client is single, then all the process can be finalised within couple day, when there is a family thing, you should better discuss the details with personal assistant.

  1. Do you have pets?

According to our experience, pets are rather sensible to all sorts of transportations. For this reason we recommend to leave them for the move day with relatives or friends or find a nice cosy pet hotel.

  1. Have you chosen the moving strategy?

When saying moving strategy, it is meant to be detailed actions plan. What to do 1st, 2nd, 3d, etc. Also, a big deal is to decide what to do with the personal belongings. Do you need all this pile of things? Maybe you can sell or donate some of them? What to do with the complex appliances? Are they worth relocating? Think about such issues, as they can save you not only time, but a bunch of dollars as well.

  1. Do you have a truck / moving container or will you rent one or will you hire door-to-door service?

If you are already determine in saying Bye Bye to your old place, time to understand, what heavy means to use. Generally speaking, you can choose among different options like:

  • Use personal car / truck / van
  • Take friend’s car / truck / van
  • Rent an appropriate vehicle
  • Rent moving container
  • Use full moving services with long distance movers San Jose

So, after you answer these questions, the half way is done! Congratulations! Just a few steps are missing to make your plan complete.

Detailed Planning

Though we have marked the sustain milestones, it might be a bit overwhelming at first. This is a simple check up list for you to understand you are completely ready to go!

  • Making up one’s mind
  • Setting a real deadline
  • Preparing a detailed plan
  • Hiring moving company
  • Paying all bills
  • Sorting out all belongings
  • Dealing with pets
  • Preparing packing and wrapping materials
  • Packing valuables
  • Calculate possible extras

Write down or print al these steps and follow them. And let your move be smooth!

Forget-me-not List

Usually while relocating people tend to forget about basic things, so check if you are not like this!


MARKERS (if you don’t have school children, you probably will need to buy some)







Top 5 Useful Tips

Tip #1. Start all preparations beforehand

Tip #2. Keep in mind the right time gaps

Tip #3. Organise and group all belongings

Tip #4. Find temporary accommodation for pets

Tip #5. Follow coordinator’s advice

DFW San Jose Moving Company is happy to serve you, making easy any type of transportation! You reliable partner with professional long distance movers in bay area is always beside, just contact us!