Packing can be easy if you know where to start, right? Of course, one should find moving boxes of right size, enough bubble wrap for valuable objects, different scotch tapes... Yes, this busy list is rather long, though DFW San Jose Moving specialists are ready to do all the work for you! We know how to deliver not only ideal moving boxes in San Jose, but also to provide you with any type of moving containers! Use the best services - hire our packers and movers!

Packing basics

Here we’d like to share main packing basics, so you can choose the service you need. Once you’ll study some packing tips, it will be much easier to make up one’s mind in understanding all the process. In case you need any sort of help, feel absolutely free contacting us anytime +1 (469) 901-4871, our service is available 24/7.

Packing challenges

The main purpose of packing and wrapping is to ensure all items are securely packed for certain type of transportation. If client is dealing with local move, it is one way to work with the belongings, if there is a long-distance relocation taking place, the work should be done in a bit different style. Nonetheless, let’s have a fast look at the most spread challenges which people regularly tend to face during packing process in either ways.

  1. Find the right type of moving box

It is important thing to choose the correct box for each object. There are millions of box types, probably you’ve never heard about like:

  • Small or "book" box
  • Medium box
  • Large box
  • Dish packs
  • Mirror box
  • Wardrobe box

So depending on the type of object, one should decide which box to choose. You can order custom moving boxes in San Jose as well, by just turning to us!

  1. Find original boxes

Some complex items as electronics are better to move in their original boxes, as they are perfectly placed inside. Put some bubble wrap or paper if there is any free space to ensure the stable position of the object inside.

  1. Use enough tape

Be sure to use as much scotch tape as you need so that no box can open unexpectedly during the move. Put two or even three types more of tape and feel absolutely calm that all belongings inside are perfectly secure.

  1. Make custom packing

That means, some objects need special packing for them. This might be some old picture, which is better to transport in wooden crate or antique vase, which should be put in a special box carefully packed and wrapped inside. There are some certain items, which should be dealt really careful with. If you are not sure about the right packing, call your moving coordinator and check out this information additionally.

  1. Be careful and treat every item well

Each relocation is very delicate process, so this is why we always treat client’s belongings with exquisite care. Keep in mind, that the use of inappropriate materials or bad packing can lead to painful circumstances.

  1. Pay attention to every single detail

Moving is not easy things and packing takes a big part of it. Your preparation may take up to 80-85 % of all your time, so be attentive to all packing materials you use. Also pay attention to the condition of each item, if it is very old for example, it needs extra attention and super careful transportation. Some people buy extra insurance fir their items.

Packing materials

Now let’s check out, which materials are used more often during relocation, so one can get ready (or find/rent/buy) with them.

  • Scissors and markers
  • All types of boxes
  • Packing paper
  • Bubble wrap
  • Tape or scotch tape
  • Covering materials
  • Moving containers

Having all these items in your arsenal, one can get straight to business! You can either buy them or rent from your friends or neighbours, or simply order our delivery services.

Best Packing services and rental of moving boxes in San Jose

We are working for the Northern California region, serving the needs of local people here. We mainly operate in San Francisco Bay Area (San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland), the Greater Sacramento area (Sacramento), and the Metropolitan Fresno area (Fresno). Find your city or just ask us if you don’t see your city among listed!

Packing everything from spoons to refrigerators!

We can deal with any object however complex it might be! Our skilled packers and movers have experienced many different relocations, so one can feel absolutely relaxed.

If you wonder, what types of packing service we can provide, here are the most popular ones, including providing moving containers.

Full Packing Services

This is a unique opportunity for you to see, how all your belongings can be packed within few hours from all your house without you being involved! Our skilled packers and movers will do their job right in front of you eyes!

Partial Packing Services

If the client need help in packing some items, of course we can provide such assistance. Sometimes clients order partial wrapping for bulky objects, like piano or wardrobes, which need to be relocated to the truck afterwards. You can check the moving challenge here on our gallery webpage. Partial services are rather spread among those people, who are moving from small one-bed apartments and usually can make the basic packing by themselves.

Unpacking Services

This service is becoming a high demand one, as after the moving people are too tired to unpack all the boxes. Skilled packers and movers can easily assist in this not easy case, taking away all garbage and unnecessary packing.

Specific Packing Services

Apart from basic packing and wrapping, one can order specific services, which are specially created to suit our client’s needs. Check out, maybe some would be interesting for you?

Electronics Service in San Jose CA

There are plenty of electronics at our home today, so we provide the services for their disassemble and transportation as well. Usually electronics are decided in south groups:

  • Small electronics. Laptops, radios,
  • Kitchen small and medium electronics. Kettles, toasters, blenders, juicers
  • Medium electronics. Coffee makers, microwaves, vacuum cleaners, sewing machines.
  • Large and bulky electronics. Refrigerator, TV, washing machine.
  • Inbuilt electronics. Dishwasher, LCD Monitors.

It is highly recommended to provide movers with manuals and original boxes, if you still have them. If you need some moving boxes in San Jose, we can easily provide them!

Custom Crating in San Jose CA

Some of fragile items and antiques should be securely crated before loading. That means, for any type of extremely fragile objects our company proposes custom crating services, choosing the appropriate packing and wrapping for each object. This concerns mostly easy-breakable objects, mirrors, and various antiques.

Packers And Movers: All Range Of High Class Move In San Jose CA

Apart from packing and delivery of packing materials, we can offer range of other services. Check then below and if you need either of them, just make a call!

  • Local, long distance move
  • Packing, unpacking
  • Assembling, disassembling
  • Senior moving
  • Business move
  • Labor only

These are our most popular services, if you have some special case, let us know and w will be happy to help!

H3 professional moving services

In order to make our clients happy, DFW San Jose Moving Company is ready to meet any challenges: even if you need a fast moving next-day with full packing service! Last minute move is not a problem for us!

Need Packing - How To Book

Impressive, isn’t it? Turn to professionals - turn to us! Making our clients happy every single day - this is what we are doing and are proud of it!