Welcome to our web page, dedicated to the services of new office of DWF Moving Company in San Jose and North California. Our philosophy goes far beyond simple relocation. We treat our client as a precious friend, that’s why once you experienced our services, you will turn to us again and again.

Here we will explain why in case of any local relocation in California we are the best reliable partners one can imagine!

Need The Best Residential Moving?

When it comes to residential moving, we are very flexible in every single thing you need – packing – disassembling – labor only – car rental – antique moving – storage services – simplyeverything. We are eager fulfilling any your wish - we have all tools which can ensure comfortable relocation with the best local movers in San Jose.

  1. Personal Assistant. Together one can work out ideal plan, considering dates, tasks, and budget.
  2. Flexible schedule. No matter if you should move today or in 3 weeks – we can make it work in any case!
  3. Affordable Prices. We know that relocating can be expensive, that’s why we maintain reasonable prices for our services to suit any wallet!

These three features are our true basics! Check out our Moving Calculator if you want to estimate your move by yourself or simply by contacting us +1 (469) 901-4871.

Moving Is Always Easy: Move Stuff In Your House Fast And Safe!

Specializing on different types of relocating services in San Jose region, we started to receive many orders concerning house movers. People need particular mover help, like relocate antique piano or move washing machine within different stores. We have perfect solutions for these cases – just check them out!Of course, one should pay special attention to packing and packing materials. You can check cool TIPS about right package style here.

Piano move

Piano is very delicate and easy-to-damage item. For this reason, we have skilled movers who can work exactly for that. Our professionally equipped movers know each step of such complex operation: starting with special packing, finishing with secure piano placement in the trailer. With us you can be sure that everything will be transported with the upmost level of care and security!

This concerns also other heavy musical instruments, like guitars, drum kits, etc.

To receive a fast quote, make some basic easy measurements by yourself:



With this info, you can already get the idea of quote and packing material, suitable exactly for your precious item.

Appliance Relocation

When one speaks about complex appliances, like refrigerator, washing mashing, or dishwasher,it is obvious one need to ask for expert help. Usually it is a very difficult task, because appliances are heavy, complex, and have some peculiarities in assembling and disassembling. That’s why, specially trained house movers of San Jose Cawill be happy to work for you!

Bulky objects moving

If you have any bulky or abnormal objects to be moved, don’t bother to do it yourself or with your friends. Just let us know what is this object looks like and we will get down to our work!

Moving within office

If you are making business or commercial relocation within one region, we know the success receipt. One can study some useful tips from article dedicated to commercial move.

Residential Moving Companies San Jose California With Local Movers

We can give you the best advice - if you want experiencing best relocation possible, choose us! No need even googling other moving companies.

Our Mission

In few words, our mission is making our client 100% satisfied? Want trying? Contact us right away!

Our Geography

Our service areas are following: the San Francisco Bay Area (San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland), the Greater Sacramento Area (Sacramento), the Metropolitan Fresno area (Fresno).

Our Price

Wondering how much can move cost? Please call - get more precise info.

Residential TOP 10 Services

These are our TOP 10 most popular services, which are frequently asked by our clients who are moving within California.

  1. Labor services
  2. Truck rental
  3. Packing material delivery
  4. Packing service
  5. Antique moving
  6. House movers
  7. Commercial relocation
  8. Senior moving
  9. Urgent move
  10. Storage service

Useful Tips When Choosing Moving Company

We are the best because we have these features, which make our clients turn to DFW team any time they need a move and recommend us their friends.

  • All required documents, certificates
  • Experienced house movers who are always working on improving skills
  • Up-to-date truck fleet
  • Large variety of packing materials
  • We deal with any type of move

Each moving campaign is super important for us, that’s why we always try our best in each personal case.

How To Prepare For Residential Move

In fact, relocating is not that big deal - one just need to be determine and prepare for it thoroughly.

Create time plan

3 months before: make a rough time plan together with moving coordinator.

2 month before: start sorting out all belongings.

1 month before: schedule day of move.

2 weeks before: get rid of all useless things.

1 week before: start packing easy things.

1-2 days before X Day: make a final check up that everything is fine.

Get rid of useless items

It is important saying Bye Bye to old things, which you will never use. Here are some useful tips to do that:

  • If you haven’t used the thing during the year - you can easily trash it. It is likely you will not use it at all.
  • If you have some old clothes and shoes, check if you can give them to other people.
  • Decide what to do with complex appliances, if they are too old, maybe it is better to sell them.
  • Make logical groups of all things, writing them down
  • Count how many electronics do you have, as these items need extra careful transportation.
  • Write down all belongings in house.

Like this, one can have some ideas, how to organizethings in a smart way. Don’t forgetchecking list of your belongings right before going out. Sometimes we tend to forget small things near the windows, near the doors, and hidden places.

Choosing Us You Choose The Best Local House Movers In San Jose Ca

Following idea of creating the optimal services for everyone, our team works hard each day. Every single clients makes us better, for this reason we appreciate any feedback! Start now by scheduling your move day, the other work we will do for you!