DFW San Jose Moving Company is dealing with special type of relocation services for elderly people, as usually it requires all types of moving help during preparations. We call such service SENIOR MOVING and in this article, we’d like to tell a bit more about it.

You are not alone - we are 24/7 ready to provide any type of moving help in every single step!

Why Is It Different?

We started providing senior moving services as soon as we understood how much it is different from ordinary move and how much it requires personal approach for all family members.

It is important not only to make relocation stress free and smooth, but also to walk client step-by-step through all the stages of the process, especially if it is long distance one.

To meet the highest criteria, special coordination manager will assist you all the way so everything will be just as you wish!

Senior Service: High Level Moving Help

When it comes to providing services for senior moving in the Northern California, there is no-one better than DFW San Jose Moving Company, which is one of the best local moving company in San Jose.

We are serving all NorCal part of California region, including the San Francisco Bay Area (San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland), the Greater Sacramento Area (Sacramento), and the Metropolitan Fresno Area (Fresno).

If you want to check, if you city is included in our list, just contact us +1 (469) 901-4871 or simply write email or send online message - our experienced managers will provide you with all necessary information.

Our Services: Perfect Moving Help

Senior Moving Services are specially made for elderly people, who need to make some type of relocation, no matter if it is a local move within one district, one city, or across the country.

Turning to us, you receive full range of services, like:

  • Initial free consultation
  • Free quote
  • Detailed plan preparation
  • Help to deal with belongings
  • Packing and labelling all required items
  • Working with complex appliances
  • Unpacking and help in placing all household items
  • Delicate work with all electronics
  • Providing extra insurance if needed
  • Antique and valuable item transportation
  • Arrangement and coordination of movers
  • Shopping of all necessary items and providing packing materials
  • Storage services
  • Any additional assistance
  • Any type of professional moving help
  • No hidden costs

These are the most popular services, which our clients ask from us when ordering senior move. Of course, this type of moving is very individual, so the primary detailed consultation will be held to understand and suit individual needs.

Some Difficulties In Senior Moving

#1. Scheduling Factor

Local moving companies in San Jose are rather hard to negotiate over moving date and once they set it, it is not that easy to re-schedule it. Some our clients told us that they had bad experience regarding this issue. For that reason, we are making our schedules as flexible as possible, and you always can make necessary corrections with the help of your personal manager by simply asking to change the date or to make other corrections.

DFW - we are flexible!

#2. Psychological Factor

Psychology is mentioned here because senior moving is always delicate and requires work of big team of packers, movers, drivers, coordinators, and personal assistant. The scope of work is huge, that is why every detail of the process is performed as planned. We care that the atmosphere of all the service would suit our client perfectly, making the move smooth.

DFW - we are caring!

#3. Organisational Factor

When it comes to organisation, one should remember, that it is one of the most difficult things, the can be faced in general. For this reason you will have our special moving coordinator, who will prepare your plan considering all your wishes and needs, like:

  • Preferred time and date
  • Location of old and new places
  • Number of household items
  • Necessity for extra-work (sort out things, assemble, etc.)

Each person has individual preferences, and personal coordinator takes into account all of them to create an ideal plan, which will be strictly followed by all crew members.

DFW - we are organised!

#4. Stress Factor

Relocation for seniors and their family is not easy for many reasons: sometimes relatives are living too far from each other and they want to work on relocating together so it is necessary to schedule perfect date for both parties, sometimes there are many household belongings to sort and to work with. Moreover, elderly people are very sensitive and they need help and support.

DFW - we know how to make your move stress free!

#5. Finance Factor

Price for the service is also important, as obviously senior moving requires a lot of actions, sometimes even door-to-door relocation, which means doing everything from packing to re-assembling at the new place. For this reason, we are providing our clients with the lowest rates on the market today, together with granted 100% assurance of the best and reliable service one can get from local moving company in San Jose.

DFW - we take care about you and your money!

 Why Is It Important?

When thinking about our nearest and dearest, we want to provide the best we can for them. Doesn’t matter, if it is the best living conditions, or the best items. All our team perfectly realises this thing, that’s why senior moving is more that just a moving, it it the best possible moving help one can get from any local moving company in San Jose!

We try to help families to reunite, to choose better location to live, to make their dreams come true.

We want the best for our relatives as much as we want for you - we are working for you every day, every hour and this is our philosophy to make things move.

How To Get Ready?

Getting ready requires time and pice of mind. These easy three steps will make it for you!

Step 1. Understand clearly that you need it

Step 2. Contact moving coordinator

Step 3. Get free quote.

Your Questions

  • When is it better to book Senior Moving Services?

We recommend to start all preparations beforehand. If usually takes time to make detailed auctions plan, then to start dealing with all belongings. The process is usually rather long, that’s why it is better to plan it beforehand. So basically, as soon as you have decided to move, contact us and your moving coordinator will do all the job for you.

  • Can you provide helpers in sorting our belongings, as we don’t need help in moving.

Sure, we can! We are dealing with any work, which you might need! In such case, you can get skilled packers, who will help to pack all belongings accordingly. They can also assist in moving things within the house, sorting items, and trashing all unnecessary things. Lifting services are also available, just let us know!

  • Is it difficult to get necessary date scheduled?

Of course, it is easy! Large truck fleet and big crew of movers allow us to offer rather flexible scheduling dates. For this reason, it is fine, if you will change your mind several times, as we fully understand that senior moving is not an easy thing.

  • I’m living far from my parents, should I present during move?

As you wish, we clearly understand, that sometimes it is impossible to assist elderly relatives on the day of move. Basically, it is not necessary, as according to your needs we will set up a moving assistant, who will help to control the things will go smooth. Of course, we will be in contact with you 24 hours, so you can literary "feel" that you are fully involved in process.

Why we are the best?

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